Albertini Manufacturing & Supply Inc.

Albertini Manufacturing and Supply Inc. is a company specializing in remanufacturing air conditioning compressors and supplying replacement parts & equipment for residential, commercial, and transportation HVAC systems.

We have the capabilities of remanufacturing all open drive and semi-hermetic compressors.

Our extensive 30+ years of experience in the industry will guarantee quality workmanship and superior customer service along with dependable on-time delivery, which is our foremost commitment.

Dedicated to Quality
We are dedicated to suppling a high quality product at cost-effective pricing. To insure this quality we comply with the ISO 9001 quality assurance program. In our remanufacturing processes, we use only OEM-approved parts and vendors. This allows us to meet, and in most cases, exceed, the Original Equipment Manufacturers warranty.
Dedicated to Service
Our emphasis on prompt delivery is backed by our large inventory of compressors and replacement parts. We can accommodate your most demanding, and sometimes critical, delivery schedules with the highest quality product, produced with minimum amount of downtime.

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